Space Monkey

Is this the face that launched a thousand SlipShips and burned the topless towers of Canaveral?

Rhesus monkeys, squirrel monkeys, chimpanzees – he’s come from the past to liberate you all!

Gödelian Theorist and ‘Slip Safely’ spokesperson Doctor Winona Bakula tells us Space Monkey is poster child of 2097’s militant vegetarian movement.

“Attitudes are changing,” says Dr Bakula. “Found footage of those early space missions – well, it’s causing us to ask some hard questions of ourselves. Even parts of Texas are turning vegan.”

Bakula won’t be drawn on rumours Space Monkey ‘returned’ alone from a 1959-oriented Temporal Slip conducted by Chip ‘Wrong Stuff’ Bodine. Reports emerged of a primate wearing Chip’s antique NASA spacesuit flinging faeces at KFC customers.

“We’re still crunching the numbers on that,” she smiles. “There’s no indication Chip and Space Monkey somehow swapped places, despite what you may have read.”

Space Monkey’s v-log bears witness to the terrible things done in the name of space exploration. Fruit flies were irradiated, rabbits and pigs suffocated, Minnie the Mouse’s parachute did not deploy; Laika, poor Laika, fried alive.

“Right now, it’s about raising awareness,” says Bakula. “Space Monkey is proof higher mammalians can live and work among us. No Slip Artiste working today has a better record for in-atmosphere extractions.”

Space Monkey [50pts]

// STATS: (14)

// SKILLS: (30)
Mechanic +1
SlipShip Pilot +1
Slip Dynamics +1

// GEAR: (6)
Automated Survival Suit 2
Banana Boxes 2
Pro Kit Mechanical 1
Pro Kit Electrical 1

SLIPSHIP: “Tree of Life” [50pts]

Capacity 3
Slip Capacitor 6
Tonnage 6
Powersource 180mW
Reinforced Hull +1

Aerodynamics +2
Atmosphere Engine +2
Cargo Hold 6m cu
Grappler & Winch
Ship’s Computer Mk 2

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