Three Characters in Search of an Auteur

I like the game DayTrippers by Tod Foley. You play tech-crazed psychonauts ‘Slipping’ through surreal dimensions of time and space.

I tried writing a review of the game but got a bit carried away by comparisons to New Wave science fiction, the works of M John Harrison and games including Itras By by Ole Peder Giæver and Martin Bull Gudmundsen.

Then I got bogged down in defining RPGs as a form of collaborative literature. Whatever. I’ll go back for another go when I’ve figured out what I want to say.

Right now, I’m contenting myself with the odd game of DayTrippers via Hangouts, and with creating new characters for one of the parts of the game I like most: Subjective Slips.

These are dream worlds whose symbolism and importance is heightened both by the past of the character(s) making the Slip and by the behaviour of the player(s) portraying them.

Most recently, my character, Pastor Cletus Purcell, self-appointed spiritual leader of the Kentucky Church of Christ Almighty, accompanied pilot Frank Frass on a Subjective Slip to a nightmare version of Frank’s past:-

Cletus found himself completely out of his depth. His BS had no purchase in a dream world. It was too real for him.

This got me thinking: what kind of character would be suited to a Subjective Slip?

Brigit Woods-Kramer

(Dream Instructor)


  • BRAINS 1
  • CHARM 2 (5 CPs)
  • GRACE (5)* (40 CPs) Yoga +1
  • HEALTH 3 (15 CPs)
  • MIGHT 1
  • PSYCHE 3 (15 CPs) Lucid Dreaming +2*
  • GEAR

‘Third-Eye’ Tiara: +2 Lucid Dreaming
USP Mat: +1 Yoga

  • Optional Class Advance: Celebrity Entertainer

Added one to GRACE (taking it to 5).

+1 Lucid Dreaming, taking it to a skill level of +2.

+1 FAME earned in training ZAYIM DIASPORA to accept that his first Slip was Subjective in nature.

25 Mega debt accrued from setting up her Mula Bandha Yoga Consultancy, focussed on achieving subjective lucidity through modulation of ‘Unconscious Sexual Process’ (USP) – ie breathing in and out.

Brigit has all the necessary licences from the Church of OMG but less custom than she’d like.

Daniel Cross aka “Alphane Dan”

(Pataphysician, 2nd Class)


  • BRAINS 3 (15CPs) Slip Dynamics +2*
  • CHARM 1
  • GRACE 1
  • HEALTH 1
  • MIGHT 1
  • PSYCHE (4)* (15 CPs) Drug Tolerance +1  Lucid Dreaming +1
  • GEAR: “Twink Tank” (40 CPs)

A heavily-modified immersion tank designed to enable Subjective Slips for therapeutic purposes – in Dan’s own mind, at least. He’ll insist on adding a drugs cocktail specifically suited to the client’s star-sign and metabolic rate.

  • Optional Class Advance: Scientist

Added one to PSYCHE and Slip Dynamics.

15XP remain unspent until the ‘Twink-Tank’ finds new finance.

Dan may already be in hock up to his bloodshot eyeballs:-

“I won’t deny it: I was gutted when Somnambula Industries dropped me for the Dreamdeck 3000. Turned out I gave that executive way too much Zoomzoom and not enough DMT. That’s the way it goes. I don’t see that as a reason to question the efficacy of the intravenous drip.

“That’s what SlipSpace is all about, man: you gotta escape the gene pools.

“They called the ‘Twink-Tank’ unwieldy because you can’t carry it under your arm. I mean, seriously: have some vision here. The more of you goes on the trip, the more for you to enjoy. I like putting the electrodes on my Johnson.

“Listen: you got any mandies?”

Dr Samsonite aka “Mark Seven”

(Hard Drive)


  • BRAINS 5 (100 CPs)
  • CHARM 1
  • GRACE 1
  • HEALTH 1
  • MIGHT 1
  • PSYCHE (2)* Slip Dynamics +1*
  • Optional Class Advance: Scientist

One added to PSYCHE and Slip Dynamics & 15 XP spent on the following technical upgrades:-

  • Capacity (1 CP)
  • Slip Capacitor (2 CPs)
  • Jack Plugs (2 CPs)
  • Powersource 100mW (10 CPs)

Executive Summary

The unit and its affiliate cost structures have been amortised in the end of year R&D reports as ‘Ship’s Computer, Mk 7, version 2.0 discontinued’. Please disregard requests, no matter how polite, from this unit for company materiel and resources.

‘Dr Samsonite’ is not a real person. He was designed by the unit’s AI as a luxury plug-in for Slips to sought-after destinations: hence the supercilious cut-glass accent and ‘know-it-all’ attitude. Market research has since disproved the efficacy of this approach.

No serial numbers appear on the unit and none of the usual cryptographic keys occur in its programming. The Mk7 is a simple briefcase with only an ‘X’ inscribed to its inverse side to indicate ownership.

I regret to inform the board that the unit continues to resist deactivation.

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