Stalker: Pre-Gens

These are the mock-ups of the Pre-Gens for my forthcoming scenario for STALKER: The Sci-Fi Roleplaying Game.

I’m hoping to offer it at Concrete Cow on 12th September in Milton Keynes. I really like what they’re doing with the set-up there. I may try offering it for playtest at Indiemeet on August 15th. Or I may not. It’s a bit 50/50 at the minute.

  • Deptford Dave is a Fixer with expertise in vehicles and drones.
  • Ex is the Fixer with money and resources.
  • Latch Key Kid is a Stalker that claims to treat the Zone as home.
  • Mistral is the Stalker with spy-craft and parkour.
  • Queen Rat is a Scientist with a hands-on approach and portable laboratory.
  • Žižek is the Scientist in possession of the game’s only artefact.

I love this game. The fact that people call it ‘difficult’ just makes me love it all the more.

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