A Map and Not a Tracing


This is a mock-up of the map for my forthcoming scenario for STALKER: The Sci-Fi Roleplaying Game.

It’s based on background materials provided with the game (pp198-215). I’ve nudged a few of the elements around to suit my story.

The plan is to use a much larger pull-out map of the Zone during the scenario and to allow players to introduce new narrative elements based on their own understanding of their characters. I’m designing the map alongside writing the scenario in the hope that each feeds the creative impetus of the other.

The pull-out is likely to have challenges marked at points in and around the Zone. These might be geomorphic anomalies, alien inorganisms or human inhabitants changed by their exposure to the Zone’s mysterious emanations.

Fixers are suited to challenges based at the Zone’s barbed wire fence and to negotiating the human authorities protecting it, Stalkers to the routes and anomalies marked inside the Zone and Scientists to examining any artefacts or inorganisms encountered.

The more I write the less detail I think I need. A linear narrative is there as back-up in case players don’t take the bait scattered around the place. It’s basically a sandbox with plot-points.

The game as written is suited to this kind of set-up. It gives you a recipe by which to understand its ingredients rather than a lot of ready-made materials. I like that, but I found that I needed to hang-out with a hard-copy of the book for a while before everything sunk in. You can get one of these from Lulu.com.

I’m fairly confident the scenario will be ready for Concrete Cow in Milton Keynes on September 12th. I just need to figure out how to attract players to a strange and interesting hybrid of narrativist gameplay and old school furnishings.

A Map and Not a Tracing 2 (PDF)

Black Dog Dérive is fan material for the game STALKER: The Sci-Fi Roleplaying Game by Ville Vuorela.

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