Ninth Direction

This week saw me defeat the Slaaneshi general in battle for the third time, raze his capital city to the ground and record the lamentations of his Chaos Spawn.

At least, I think they were lamentations. They may have been explaining quantum physics, or indulging in a spot of interpretative dance. Or furiously masturbating. It’s difficult to be certain.

Now the remains of my victorious army must go out to meet the Slaaneshi relief force thirsty for revenge. I’m outnumbered but frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

Raze Chaos 027
Don’t cry for him, Marge and Tina, even though he lost the war. Bless.
Raze Chaos 012
They’re laughing at his pain.
The Garden of Excess 023
Yeah. It disappoints me too.

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