Battle Royale

Quentin Tarantino liked the film so much he cast the actor portraying Takako Chigusa (Kuriyama) as Gogo Yubari in his Kill Bill duology (2003, 2004), complete with school uniform. Already popular in Japanese Manga and Anime – not to mention Britney Spears’ pop music video for (Hit Me Baby) One More Time (1999) – the Japanese schoolgirl Meme spread rapidly to other forms of media, becoming a mainstay in Videogames. A form of adult manga known as “Kimoi Girls”, in which girls mock the virginity of teenage boys, is directly referenced in Battle Royale, and the juxtaposition of the vicious interpersonal politics of the playground with the needy militarism of the police state works to compelling effect. Cliques form, entire factions are wiped out by poisoning and machine gun fire, individuals are picked off by psychopaths. There is no degree of dishonesty about the relationship between sexual politics and violence.

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