The Royal Beasts

Includes text from A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism & Schizophrenia by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari (trans Brian Massumi), Athlone Press (1988), originally published as Mille plateaux, volume 2 of Capitalisme et Schizophrénie, Les Éditions de Minuit (1980).

Music is The 15th by Fischerspooner from the album #1 on Capitol Records (2001)

  1. I have often thought, travelling by railway, when between the dark underground stations the lads and errand boys bend over the scraps of badly printed paper, reading fearful tales – I have often thought how much better it would be if they were doing what I may call, ‘communing with space.’ ‘Twould be of infinite delight, romance and interest; far more than those tawdry papers, with no form in themselves or their contents.
  2. And yet, looking at the same printed papers, being curious, and looking deeper and deeper into them with a microscope, I have seen that in splodgy ink stroke and dull fibrous texture, each part was definite, exact, absolutely so far and no farther, punctiliously correct; and deeper and deeper lying a wealth of form, a rich variety and amplitude of shapes, that in a moment leapt higher than my wildest dreams could conceive.

Charles Hinton, Many Dimensions (1885).

Choose Your Own Misadventure

The Royal Beasts 3

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