Sacred Cow

10 years old and out from under its parent’s wing: Neil Smith announced that this, the 21st Concrete Cow, would be the last he organised and that Amy would take the reins from now on. I’ve only been to the last two but I’ve the very strong impression he’s done a great job. Amy shows every sign of the same enthusiasm and generosity of spirit.

I offered Starfall by Paul Mitchener in the morning slot and I just about held it together: I’ve not run a game with six players before. The players – God bless ‘em, one and all – succeeded in their mission to take out the Strategist but Captain Howard Fairbright, poor chap, ended the game as a Quisling… under the control of Double Agent “Knees-Up” Mother Braun.

I played Lighthugger – an iteration of The Next Big Thing – by James Mullen in the afternoon slot and learned a lot from watching James facilitate the game. He had a very deft touch and managed to persuade the players to supply the logic of sense for the story by raising the stakes in the endgame.

I can’t recommend this convention highly enough. Concrete Cow 16 ½ is on September 10th of this year.

Art in the main image is by Jonny Gray

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