Sundered Realm

First, we finished Simon’s Ghost House scenario set in Vornheim using Lamentations of the Flame Princess: a delightfully old school affair with felt-tip finish. We had to piggy-back Sir Pendel Blond round the dungeon in order to overcome the Chaos Entity at the end.

Second, we decided what had happened to casus belli Alcazar Arkel during our last campaign. Had he succumbed to the blandishments of Slaanesh? Would the Empire collapse into civil war? We consulted a D6 table:-

What Happened to Arkel?

  1. Everyone but Luke chooses.
  2. Chaos pantheon corrupts Arkel’s bloodline down through the family tree.
  3. Arkel tempted by Chaos Dwarves: Hashuut has a breeding programme.
  4. Arkel’s flesh was trapped but his spirit was reincarnated on the earthly plane.
  5. His destruction by Chaos caused a geomantic cataclysm.
  6. Luke chooses.

Luke rolled a 6 and chose option no 4 on the table.

Third, we span events ahead one generation and chose new capitals on the same map. Simon began with Vornheim as his capital, to reflect the splintering of Maudlyn’s Empire into Chaotic and Loyalist factions. Luke nudged his capital to the coast closest to Vornheim, and announced that Maudlyn’s eldest son was leading the Empire. The long-buried Kingdom of the Dwarves appeared in the mountains to the north. The Lizardmen established a realm further east.

Forces of Order have formed a semi-circle around Vornheim but there are tensions between them: the Dwarves have a grudge against Arkel dating back millennia; the Lizardmen seem incapable of listening to anyone but the Old Ones; the Empire is a fundamentalist theocracy.

Everyone is looking for the reincarnation of Arkel but no-one can agree on who or what he is. It should be fun.


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