Captain America: Civil War

A year after the defeat of AI Ultron in “Sokovia”, Captain America, Falcon (Mackie), Black Widow (Johansson) and Scarlet Witch (Olsen) kill several humanitarian workers while preventing the theft of a biological Weapon from a laboratory in Lagos. US Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross (Hurt) tells the team the United Nations will establish an oversight committee to control the Avengers. Hawkeye (Renner), Falcon and newcomer Ant-Man (Rudd) go rogue in support of Captain America, who is sure old friend “Bucky Barnes” – the eponymous “Winter Soldier” and central antagonist of the previous film in the trilogy – has been framed by faked security footage. War Machine (Cheadle), Vision (Bettany), Black Widow, Black Panther (Boseman) and a teenaged Spider-Man (Holland) side with Iron Man, who feels responsible both for the creation of Ultron and the resulting deaths in Sokovia.

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Captain America: Civil War


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