Planet Terror

The term “Grindhouse” occurs first in Cinema in Lady of Burlesque (1943), where it is used to refer to a “bump and grind” burlesque theatre on 42nd Street in New York. Here the artiste-not-stripper is Cherry Darling (McGowan) – “I’m a go-go dancer, there’s a difference” – whose career move into stand-up is stymied when local Zombies tear off her leg. Thousands of similarly pustule-faced creatures swarm rural Texas when an experimental bio-Weapon is released during a breakdown in negotiations at a nearby US military base between crazed special forces renegade Lieutenant Muldoon (Willis) and even-more-crazed chemical Scientist “Abby” (Andrews). Darling’s sometime beau “El Wray” (Freddy Rodriguez) pauses only to replace her missing leg with a modified M4 Carbine and M203 grenade launcher before gathering rag-tag resistance to the zombie horde: barbecue chef J T Hague (Fahey), “Crazy Babysitter Twins” Elame and Elisa (Electra and Elise Avellan), bisexual, double-jointed Doctor Dakota Block (Shelton) and, not least, her disapproving father, Texas Ranger Earl McGraw (Parks), who, after shooting hypodermically-indiscriminate son-in-law Doctor William Block (Brolin), is heard to remark: “Never did like that son of a bitch – about as useless as a pecker on a pope.”

Planet Terror


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