The Third Manifesto of Itra-Troll

The Third Manifesto

Co-designer of Itras by Ole Peder Giæver was kind enough to explain that I was a bit off with some of the Scandiwegian I was using in my submission, so the research station is now called Itra-Troll.

The wonderful people at Vagrant Workshop may not use any of this, of course, but I’ve laid it out in 9×6, just to get a sense of what it could look like. I find it helps to visualise what I’m doing.

There are delightful things happening elsewhere in the Itras By Menagerie too. Terje Nordin is expanding the Fringe Zones, Evan Torner is bringing a Shadow Carnival to Itra’s City, there’s two Stetsons, a piece of Imperial Manila, a 50ft chair and capybaras with hats. There are persistent rumours about a forthcoming marriage between Jackson Tegu and Matthijs Holter. I may have dreamed some of this.

Next, a mock-up of the card drop:-


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