Treaders in the Dust

Last night in The Last Catalogue of Ramon Dégas the player-characters met rival bookseller Colin Ballard and down-at-heel Arizonan book scout Alan Sheldon, tracked the rapidly-diminishing paper-trail of catalogue agents Aston Drummell and Hamilton Golding and saw the outside of their premises marked “Y” in the yellow chalk of the Yellow Paper Men; they found themselves dazzled by the sudden intervention of international woman of mystery Catalina de Moraes and her Hispano-Suiza sports car; they shadowed suspicions, bought drinks for the unworthy, found a dead body at Hathaway & Co. Fine Books on Fleet Street, shivered among worms and cobwebs and fear and examined a pile of dust they could not raise the courage to touch; the missing plate shown to them by Edna the Inebriate Woman gained them their first knowledge of the Mythos and cost them their Sanity; they found the sales ticket for The First Temple of Umbanda Branca by Zélio Fernandino de Moraes and friends and heard the dread whisper of Quachil Uttaus; the Kane Gang was casing the joint as the session ended. It was a warm-up really and boy, did the players burn those Investigative Abilities. Next I’m going to try running Gumshoe chases and combat.


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