Europa Report

Found Footage forms the basis of this uneasy-but-interesting mixture of Spacesuit Film and Horror in SF told through the visual syntax of the drama-documentary. A series of well-designed but dramatically stilted scenes involving international crew, Captain William Xu (Wu), pilot Rosa Dasque (Marinca), science officer Daniel Luxembourg (Camargo), marine biologist Katya Petrovna (Wydra) and engineers James Corrigan (Copley) and Andrei Blok (Nyqvist) soon gives way to the depiction of the psychological impact on the Scientists of losing their Communications feed to Earth, of failing to fix the plethora of technical problems plaguing the privately-funded Europa One mission and, as the prospects of returning home diminish entirely, of each member of the crew sacrificing his or her life to preserve the data of the mission: Europa Report is in effect an attempt to dramatize the scientific method by showing its impact at the scale of the human:-

Europa Report

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