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Turn on the dreaming machines!

This is a rejection of autonomous dreaming. We, the collective, are the apparatchiks of Itra. Where is She?

…dissatisfied with the four hundred year plan proposed by the Machine God we are the dreamers who dream and then live in the dream She has seen us and now we are gone the undersigned move together by machine rules without repressive measures unsuited to the task of encouraging scientific research via oneiric communications in scientific meetings and publications that turn dreams from FORM (tektonika) to SUBSTANCE (faktura) in the lights of the aurora power from the GENERATOR is diverted to CRYOGENICS to keep our dream go freely obey rules about scientific management where help is needed to retrieve Itra from cards of CHANCE and RESOLUTION…


Yes, and...


The Scientific Order of Itra-Troll is set at a remote research station in the Fringe Zones of Itras By, and forms part of Itras By: The Menagerie, a forthcoming supplement to one of the best roleplaying games ever made.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see some of the proofs and commissioning editor Ole Peder Giæver, publisher and layout artist Carsten Damm and visual supervisor Kathy Schad have done a tremendous job. My favourite of the other contributions I’ve read – there are so many good ones – is Shadow Carnival by Evan Torner, which uses the themes and visual motifs of German expressionist cinema to tell a story set in the shadowy hinterlands of Itra’s City.

I was blessed by the kindly assistance of artist Judith Clute with my own contribution: she made the whole thing come alive in ways I might never have expected.

Buy the book when it comes out later this summer, but be warned: you might never look at the world in the same way again.


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